Before we began taking steps towards new healthy habits, we were caring for four children 5 and under and like many young parents, had many physical demands in our life. We both enjoyed long distance running and ran the Chicago Marathon together  (Garrett a few more times), so we thought we were pretty active and fit. We considered ourselves good on nutrition but realized in our journey of health that our bodies were being undernourished by some of the food choices we made. We needed a solution to our habits and so began replacing 'food by man' with 'food by God' .. food leading to health. 

Fast forward ten years, through these new healthy habits we've found renewed energy and have seen quick results in our ability to carry out our daily responsibilities. Becoming a Team Partner was born out of my own journey in fitness and health. As a stay at home mom, Certified Yoga Instructor and Health Coach, I've sensed the Lord stir in my heart to work from home and offer fitness and nutritional solutions for women who, much like me, are looking for a way to reach their fitness goals. My hope is to create a community of health coaches to serve others in health and fitness. It’s a beautiful thing to see so many people make healthier choices so to SERVE the Lord and others to the BEST of our God-given ability.