3 Tips for Waking up Early

1) Get 6 to 7 hours of sleep a night. The best way to wake up is to figure out how long you need to lay down! Really, sleep is the the best. thing. ever for healing and restoration.. There are several reasons I have read, that you need to ensure you get at least 6 hours of good quality sleep. Your body repairs itself during sleep and so for keeping well and healthy, this is essential. Lack of sleep has also been connected to compromised immunity and weight gain as well as skin function and aging. 2) Set an alarm or timer! Well, duh?! Right? If you know you need 6 hours and 45 minutes for your ideal sleep zone - then before your head hits the pillow, set your alarm or timer for the that amount of time. If my hubby and I can wake up before my children do, it's a good day. :) The quiet time I get to spend with Jesus and prayer is so important to me and so this allows a few minutes before it's 'GO' time for my fam. My time with Jesus changes my perspective on everything I do. 3) Make a plan to move your body! If you have the time to do it, the morning is the best time to get your muscles moving and jump start your metabolism. I like to say: Jesus. Pray. Sweat. Repeat. Super corney right!? But it's true. Life is busy and so for staying committed to fitness, it's a non negotiable for me to plan it in the day. Sometimes it's a quick burst training, or walk/run/bike surge. Maybe a one hour yoga sweat sesh and/or teaching yoga with friends. Love the gym, but with a time crunch I often work out from home! I hope you find these tips helpful and I would love to know what helps you get out of bed first thing in the AM. I'm grateful for the beautiful life the Lord gifts us and what he has called me to!