Overcoming the Winter Blues

A lot of us experience the wintertime blues! The lack of sunlight can have an effect on our overall well being and outlook on life. Our bodies use sunlight to make vitamin D, and so it's easy to become extremely vitamin D deficient from November - February. Vitamin D frequently called the “sunshine vitamin," or I like to call it my "happy pill," is necessary for bone health, maintenance of muscle strength and coordination, cardiovascular health, and a strong boost of immune function! The recommended vitamin D is roughly 2000 IU of Vitamin D daily. When you run low on vitamin D, it takes a pretty serious toll on well...everything! This is because our brains produce serotonin, a hormone that affects our mood, at a higher rate when we’re exposed to sunshine or bright light. So can you get the recommended amount of Vitamin D? Here are three tips to getting your recommended Vitamin D.

1) Expose as much skin as possible for 15 minutes daily to sunlight, even in the cold winter months.

2) Foods like salmon, vitamin D fortified milk, & egg yolk

3) In most cases supplementation is necessary. USANA’s vitamin supplement is a safe and easy way to meet the daily requirement.