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Fit For Fall

Hey All, happy Fall, To celebrate the upcoming season of Fall, I'm starting a "Fit for Fall" group on October 21st! And when you order by next Friday, October 11th, you get free shipping! I'm super excited about this and I think you will love it!

Here's a little background: For several years now, I have been coming alongside women in their health journey. We discuss health goals and where they are currently in their daily health routines, eating habits and where they'd like to see some changes. It's all personalized to the individual. What I find is that most of these women want to improve their health beyond 5 days. You don’t need another diet. You need to customize health eating habits. At significant times of transitions throughout the year, I like to gather people into a fun "Get Fit" groups. In this 28 day program Fit For Fall program, you will experience not only a jumpstart of breaking sugar cravings, but increased energy and health coming into (what can be) a very busy season of family reunions, lots of food that include pies, cookies and whip cream.

This is NOT a "diet"—(ugh, I don't even like that word!) This is a flexible and customizable approach to help you live your healthiest life yet. Together we'll go through a custom 5-day Reset and continue onto a 28-day Healthy Habits Kickstart so that by the end of the month, you will feel your absolute best as we go into the holiday months (yep, we're approaching the holiday months already). Naomi xo

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