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Tasty Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Friends,

Who else loves amazing, ridiculous, great feeling, high energy, outstanding health?

A recent testimony of my friend Adriana who completed the RESET and has chosen to continue on those shakes, vitamins and probiotic. "I love how easy it's to follow the reset program and felt great after the 5 days. I'm excited to replace one meal a day with a Nutrimeal shake and especially love the dutch chocolate Nutrimeal. I've also noticed that it has helped me with my health goals of getting back on track." -Adriana

Testimonies like this are super encouraging! After completing the 5 Day Reset this past week, I'm thankful to get back on track myself after a crazy start to Fall! It's true ... you will see great results and you will feel like you are indulging in a dessert! I'll have a Dutch Chocolate Nutrimeal (tastes like a chocolate frosty), Raspberry/Vanilla Nutrimeal (raspberries are my fave), or a Strawberry/Banana Nutrimeal (tastes like birthday cake) for breakfast or lunch. The best part is that they are low glycemic, gluten-free Non-GMO, no artificial sweeteners or Flavorings and low calorie.

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