It's how you finish that matters most.

Hi Friend! Happy New Year or should I say Happy New Decade to you! Everyone seems to be talking about how this is not just the start of a new year but a new decade! Wow...that's pretty amazing to think about. If you're like me and most people you probably made some kind of commitment at the beginning of this new set of years. Here's something staggering to think about... MOST PEOPLE HAVE GIVEN UP ON THEIR COMMITMENTS BY JANUARY 12! Today is January 10. So this means that getting through this weekend is crucial. So how's it going for you so far? I know you want to keep at it. I know you want to keep going. You didn't make these commitments only to give up 12 days into the decade, did you?! :-) So how in the world are you going to keep at it? One word: ACCOUNTABILITY. No commitments are ever made in a vacuum. There are so many things in life that pull us away from our resolve. The missing component for many people is not just sharing your commitments with someone else but sharing with someone who will hold your feet to the fire. Do you have that person in your corner who's cheering for you, speaking words of grace and love into your life? Your odds of finishing will dramatically increase when you involve someone like that. If you need someone who will cheer for you - I'm your gal! I would love to help you set and stick to your health goals for the year. Here for you. With Joy, Naomi