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5 Tips for Better Sleep

An entire night has passed in the blink of an eye. At least that's what happens... sometimes. I don't know about you but there are nights where sleep is easier to come by than others. Stress level and emotional conditions are just a few things can affect our sleep patterns. Right now, many of us are probably feeling especially worn down, worried, or otherwise stressed, which can make it very difficult to get a good night's rest. For quieting the mind, we try to have a routine that is helpful for keeping our body’s internal clock in rhythm. Here are a few tips we've found helpful.

1). Reflect: Take a brief moment to reflect and jot down things we are grateful for that day. This naturally leads to a moment of quiet prayer.

2). Stretch: A light stretch/yoga before laying down can help your body release tension. I'll post some easy yoga pics to do before bed on my next post. 😉

3). Prepare your space: make your room as dark as possible. We've hung some heavy cotton drapes on all our bedroom windows and try to eliminate bright lights in our rooms and the kid's room. Those pesky lights from clocks can actually keep you awake rather than help you sleep! You’re constantly being bombarded by light, which can impact the production of your sleep hormone.

4). Put Away: Take a break from bright screens (TV, phones, and tablets) before you tuck in.

5). Supplements: sometimes the body needs a little extra help in seasons of prolonged sleeplessness. When these times come we take Pure Rest from USANA. It's a natural melatonin supplement.

CLICK HERE for link to Pure Rest.

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