How Do You Manage Stress?

Recently, our family experienced an insanely busy day. This is a pretty typical day in the life of our family when sports are in season. You can read our story below!

Life is full and it's a gift. No matter how busy your schedule, it is possible to manage stress and keep it at bay. My time with Jesus in prayer is on the top of my list!

The deep breathing is a technique to calm the heart rate. We've also discovered these new mood support products just launched at USANA's 2020 Virtual Convention. They have been a WIN WIN for the six of us! Formulated with a unique blend of essential oils known for their relaxing and calming effects, the Calm Response comes in a balm stick for on-the-go use. I swirl a dab behind my ears and on my wrists and can smell the aroma for hours.

How do you manage stress?

A typical Wednesday

3:45- Cook Dinner

4:00- Pick up child 1 at elementary school

4:15- Car #1 leaves with child 2 for soccer in Harrison (40 minute drive)

4:45- Child 3 eats dinner while dinner for child 1 is cooked

5:05- Car #2 leaves Oxford with child 3 for soccer in Kentucky. (1 hour 15 minute drive)

5:00- Car #1 returns to Oxford at 5:40 to get child 1 for basketball practice

6:00- Car #1 drops off child 1 at the high school for basketball practice

6:20- Car #2 arrives in northern Kentucky for soccer practice with child 3.


6:00- Car #1 drives back to Harrison to pick up child 2 (40 minute drive)

Eat dinner while driving...bean burritos on the go!

7:10- Car #1 arrives back in Oxford to give dinner to child 2.

Do dishes

7:40- Car #2 leaves northern Kentucky with child number 3 (1 hour and 15 minute drive back to Oxford)

8:00- Car #1 one picks up child number 1 from basketball practice at the high school.

8:30 - Car #2 gets text from child number 4 saying he'll be at the high school in 30 minutes. (Coming from a basketball game at little Miami- 1 hour and 30 minutes away from home)

Perfect timing! 

9:00 - Car #2 picks up child #4 with child #3 who just came from northern Kentucky.

Meanwhile at home child 1 and 2 are getting ready for bed! :-).

9:20 child number 1,2,3,4 all in bed after reading a Psalm!